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Entrepreneur, author,  and blogger Jason Calacanis hosts This Week in Startups, a weekly podcast with a rotating group of guest experts sharing the best, worst, most outrageous, and interesting stories from the world of entrepreneurship.

He launched a Mighty Network to bring his podcast audience together in a community where they can discuss each episode and access exclusive content.

Why podcasters love Mighty Networks

Matt Swee launched The Pilot Network podcast community as an extension of his podcast for professional pilots who are transitioning into new careers. In the community, members can access exclusive interviews, resources, and Q&As with experts.

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See how podcasters are building communities on Mighty Networks

Top small business podcast host Tara Gentile created a membership community where her listeners can participate in mastermind groups, partner on new projects, share referrals, and cheer each other on.

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The Influence Marketing Council is a peer network of influencer, community, and advocacy marketing professionals. Their Mighty Network serves as a hub for their membership community and a place where their podcast audience can meet.

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Jenn Giles Kemper created a membership community for listeners of her podcast chronicling the liturgical calendar and fans of her spiritually-themed day planners.

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New York Times bestselling author and popular podcaster Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project, Happier Podcast) created a podcast community to bring her audience together ahead of the launch of her new book, The Four Tendencies.

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Heather Huhman launched a community for her podcast, Beat Infertility, so that women like her could have a safe, private space to share their stories and struggles.

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With Mighty Networks, you can build your podcast community by interacting with your listeners, sharing content, and growing your audience base. Start engaging with your listeners for free today!

How does a Mighty Network work with my current podcast feed?

Is a Mighty Network really free?

What types of content or media can I share in my podcast community?

Absolutely! Our Creator Plan is completely free, and you don’t need to enter any credit card details or sign a contract.

What are your transaction fees?

How many members can join my Mighty Network?

How do I give my audience early access?

As many as you want! Every Mighty Network supports an unlimited number of fans in your community, and we don’t charge per-member fees like other services.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Do I need a separate web host for my podcast community?

We take a small transaction fee (as low as 2%!) on each member subscription before credit card processing or fees charged by Apple. 

Nope! Every Mighty Network includes secure hosting and 10GB of storage for free.

In addition to Soundcloud for your podcasts, we support beautiful articles, photos, videos, files, events, sub-groups, and even online courses. Whatever you need, it's there to help engage and grow your audience

How exactly do I get paid for my podcast community?

It's easy. Just set up membership plans so your audience can buy subscriptions to your Mighty Network and get early access to exclusive content or episode previews.

You can offer member subscriptions to your Mighty Network for your fans on our free Creator Plan. Read more about member subscriptions here.

With a Mighty Network, there’s no need to change the tools you're already using, and your listeners can continue to use the same RSS feed and their favorite podcast player.