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Get Paid

Set up a membership option for your fans with transaction fees as low as 2%

Launch a Beautiful Website for Your Fans

Organize Tour Dates

Go Deeper

Offer your fans early or exclusive access to new tracks

Create a new kind of personal connection between you and your fans

Track Everything

Analyze where your fans are and plan and market a tour to them

Tap granular analytics to understand everything about your fans, including where they live

Offer Early Access

Connect Your Fans

Launch a beautiful website for your fans to bask in all things you. Offer exclusive tracks, tickets, and even courses.

Introduce your fans to each other by location, categories you set up, and topics they'll find interesting

Create a community to support your music

What would happen if you brought your fans together?

Create a beautiful website all your own for free. Bring your fans together to meet you and each other in support of your music.

Create a beautiful community dedicated to your music

Get the FREE guide to launching your new community

Everything you need to launch a beautiful website where you can bring your fans together and start getting paid.

How do I showcase my music and work in a Mighty Network?

How many members can I have?

Is a Mighty Network really free?

As many as you want! Every Mighty Network has an unlimited number of fans. No per member fees.

How do I give fans early access?

How exactly do I get paid?

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

You can offer member subscriptions to your Mighty Network for your fans on our free Creator Plan. Read more about member subscriptions here.

Use Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook embeds to share your music. Then, blog beautiful articles, organize events, groups, and sell merchandise all within your Mighty Network.

What are your transaction fees?

It's easy. Just set up membership plans so your fans can buy subscriptions to your Mighty Network and get early access to your music.

We take a small transaction fee (as low as 2%!) on each member subscription before credit card processing or fees charged by Apple.

Absolutely! Our Creator Plan is completely free. No contract or credit card required.