Where Makers can create their own community and get paid.

Get Paid

Set up optional subscriptions for your fans with transaction fees as low as 2%

Launch a Beautiful Website & App

Sell Sponsorships

Launch Courses

Offer fans early or exclusive access to plans or other materials for your project

With a Mighty Network, you can launch a community and online courses all in the same spot

Track Everything

Run ads, do deals, and work directly with sponsors

Tap granular analytics to understand what's working and what's not

Offer Early Access

Sell Materials

Launch a beautiful website for your projects and expertise. Offer exclusive content, courses, and experiences for your fans.

Open a Shopify Store directly in your community to sell materials

What would happen if you brought your fans together?

Create a beautiful website all your own for free. Bring your fans together to meet you and each other as they celebrate your projects and learn what you have to share!

Create a community and more for your project

Get the FREE guide to launching your new community

Everything you need to launch a beautiful website for your project where you can bring your fans together and start getting paid.

Lee Rubenstein and Sarah Rubenstein created EatSleepDraw Studio as a place where makers and artists can share their work and get inspiration.

In their community it's easy to instantly upload new photos, post videos, get feedback, and meet fellow creators and fans with similar interests.

Why Makers love Mighty Networks

How can I sell materials in my Mighty Network?

Is a Mighty Network really free?

What types of content or media can I share in my Mighty Network?

Absolutely. Our Creator Plan is completely free. No credit card required. 

What are your transaction fees?

How many fans can join my Mighty Network?

How do I give my fans early access to content or new projects?

As many as you want! Every Mighty Network supports an unlimited number of fans, and we don’t charge per-member fees like other services.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Do I need a separate web host for my Mighty Network?

We take a small transaction fee (as low as 2%) on each member subscription before credit card processing or Apple fees. 

Nope! Every Mighty Network includes secure hosting and 10GB of storage for free.

You can create beautiful articles and courses with unlimited photos, videos, files, and threaded comments all organized by topics. 

As a Maker, how exactly do I get paid?

 Just set up membership plans so your fans can buy subscriptions to your Mighty Network and get early access to exclusive content or new projects.

Through member subscriptions to your Mighty Network for your fans to support your project on our free Creator Plan. Read more about member subscriptions here.

Your Mighty Network works with e-commerce tools like Shopify to community-power your store so you can sell more materials to your biggest fans.