The most powerful product launch engine available today.

Create a community to launch your product

Launch Your Product With More Than a Waitlist

Don't just create a waiting list on the run up to your launch. Create and cultivate your very own community, events, content, and even courses all in one place

Start With Custom Questions

Use a beautiful landing page and custom questions to build your waiting list

Get to Know Your Customers More Deeply

Share your progress with beautiful articles and rich media. Ask questions, launch polls, host events, and even explore using courses!

Connect Your


Connect your prospects and customers by location, categories, and topics they care about

Track Everything

Tap granular analytics to understand what people want

Offer Early Access

Offer customers early access to your brand, product, or thinking

Experiment With Courses

Use online courses or virtual seminars to engage your prospects around your product

Could your community launch a rocketship?

Imagine bringing your wait list, landing pages, external chat community, a blog, and even an online course altogether under your own brand with no software development. 

That's a Mighty Network.

Create a beautiful community for your new product

Before Jenn Giles Kemper launched a Kickstarter for her liturgical-themed day planner, she created a community where she could gather feedback from her potential customers. 

Today, that community has evolved into a membership site where her customers can access premium content and get support—effectively turning her product into a self-sustaining revenue stream.

Why entrepreneurs love Mighty Networks

See how entrepreneurs like you are using Mighty Networks

Lee Rubenstein and Sarah Rubenstein created a community for their customers when they launched a monthly subscription service that provides artists with top-of-the-line art supplies.

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When Jodie Benveniste was writing her book on Intuitive Parenting, she invited her customers into a community to get early feedback and share exclusive excerpts.

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Entrepreneur, blogger, and author Eric Ries created a community for Kickstarter backers who supported the launch of his new book, The Leader's Guide.

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Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Is a Mighty Network really free?

Absolutely! Our Creator Plan is completely free. No credit card or service contract required.

How many members can I have?

As many as you want! Every Mighty Network has an unlimited number of people who can join. No per member fees.

Do I need to know a programming language to create a community?

Not at all! You can get your Mighty Network set up in minutes with our easy-to-use tools. No coding required.

Do I need a separate web host for my community?

Nope! Every Mighty Network includes secure hosting and 10GB of storage for free.

Can I start generating revenue before I launch?

If you can offer member subscriptions to your Mighty Network before your product is ready, go for it! Read more about member subscriptions here.

What are your transaction fees?

We take a small transaction fee (as low as 2%!) on each member subscription before credit card processing or fees charged by Apple. 

What types of content or media can I share in my community?

Video, photos, files and beautifully formatted text are all available on your new Mighty Network. Plus, polls, questions, events, and even sub-groups!

Is it free to launch a course?

Our Creator Plan is always free. Courses come with our Business Plan, which you can explore on a 14-day Free Trial.