Create a beautiful class website for your students.

Go Deeper

Create a new kind of personal connection between you and your students

See the Big Picture

Tap granular analytics to understand what's happening in your community

Connect Your Students

Post articles, ask questions, and keep the class discussion going between in-person sessions

Create a Community for Your Class

Launch a Beautiful

Class Website

Launch a beautiful website where your students can keep the discussion going between sessions. Share resources and add new discussion topics daily.

What if you were able to do more with your students?

Create a beautiful website for your class where students can come together and participate in rich, in-depth discussions online.

Create a beautiful community for your class

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Everything you need to launch a beautiful class website and online community where you can bring your students together.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Do I need to know a programming language to create my community?

Not at all! You can get your Mighty Network set up in minutes with our easy-to-use tools. No coding required.

What types of content or media can I share in my community?

Video, photos, files and beautifully formatted text are all available to blog, share, or for a course on your new Mighty Network. Plus, polls, questions, events, and even sub-groups!

How many students can I have?

As many as you want! Every Mighty Network has an unlimited number of people in your community. No per member fees.

Is a Mighty Network really free?

Absolutely! Our Creator Plan is completely free. No credit card or service contract required.

Is it free to launch a course?

Our Creator Plan is always free. Courses come with our Business Plan, which you can explore on a 14-day Free Trial.

Can I use a Mighty Network for a community of practice, too?

Yes! A Mighty Network can be used in your classroom or as a community for other educators in your community as well.